Training and Development

4GS Security undertakes various training interventions for its security personnel. The pedagogy is prepared as per the guidelines of PSARA Act and trains Security Guard, Rapid Response Team, Security Supervisor, GTS, GTO etc. in its 15 fully residential training academies spread across different locations in India with state-of-the-art training facilities.

The fresh recruits receive a 28-day training programme at our in-house training centers, which equips them with the skill sets relevant to their job and career growth. The focus has been on theory, practical, physical, and games in all the training syllabi.

Additionally, 4GS Security undertakes special training interventions for its Quick Response Team – QRT Officers. The training encompasses – handling low-tech confrontations with intruders, eliminating false triggers and managing medical emergencies.

Learning and Development is one of the most critical business support functions for Facility Management companies under 4GS. Structured training interventions have been inculcated at every level of the employee’s life cycle – including developmental and transformational training programs, bringing in required improvement in the employee’s skills and behavior in accordance with the demand of their role among others.

The group implements multiple approaches to achieve this training delivery – physical training intervention, digital tools and platforms through mobile phones and tabs and on-site training champions support.

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